Have you been hacked? Contact us immediately!

Prevent Breach, Inc. can help you recover from a breach and provide guidance for rebuilding a better security plan. The costs of a data breach can add up quickly, but contacting us first is a smart way to alleviate the enormous potential financial burden.

24/7 Emergency Support

Email: support@preventbreach.com

Emergency Alert

Plan ahead to reduce the common costs associated with data breaches:

* Notification of Affected Third-Parties
* Call centers
* Credit/Identity Monitoring
* Public Relations
* Legal Defenses
* Fine and Penalties from Regulatory Proceedings and PCI DSS Violations

Breach and Response Services

We develop a thorough understanding of your incident to find out how and breach occurred and what has been done so far to address the issue.

We then scour your networks for evidence of attacker activity and provide a detailed report of our findings along with prescribing actionable recommendations.

Written Comprehensive Information Security Program

Prevent Breach, Inc. develops a Written Comprehensive Information Security Program to mitigate future risk for your organization. While it is better to be proactive and have a Cybersecurity Plan in place before you suffer a breach, it is absolutely essential to have an effective security risk management program in place to help recover from an incident.

Incident Response Services

Compromise Assessment

We audit your systems to determine whether a security incident has occurred.

Systems Audit & Evidence Collection

We investigate the source and the activity of the attacker in your environment.


We analyze the data from our audits and report the information in a manner that decision-makers can understand and act upon.

Cybersecurity Plan Development

We create a comprehensive security risk management plan for your organization to rebuild and strengthen your systems against future security threats.