World Class Expertise

Our goal is not only to audit and optimize your current security infrastructure, but also to deliver actionable insights and show you how to monitor and maintain your security program to effectively manage future cyber threats.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
– Confucious

Cyber Threat Brief

Our knowledgeable team delivers insights into how attackers could penetrate your network and slip past your current security systems undetected.

Compromise Assessment

We perform an in-depth inspection of your current security operations and detect whether attackers are currently operating within your environment or have done so in the past.

In-Depth Company Understanding

We work with you to gain the complete picture of your current operational capabilities and priority systems. This allows us to efficiently and accurately define areas of improvement and vulnerability.

Risk Assessment

Actionable Recommendations

We expose your vulnerability and offer expert remedies to close the gaps in your security procedures. These recommendations span preemptive and post-attack strategy.

Expertise across languages

Websites: HTML5, PHP, Java, ASP, etc.
Applications: C, C#, C++, .NET, Java, Perl, etc.

Penetration Testing

Our team leverages our experience and knowledge of attacker technique to launch real-world attacks on your systems. We test your breach response processes and deliver results based on risk level, likelihood of exploitation, and potential damage consequence.

For Infrastructure Security

  • Red team assessments
  • External network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Internal network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Wireless security assessments
  • Network architecture and firewall review
  • Social eningeering
  • Host and network device review

For Application Security

  • Web and client-server application security assessments
  • Mobile application assessments across all platforms
  • Source code reviews for any common programming languages
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) reviews
  • Application architecture assessments
  • Custom services as requested
  • Database, Web services and middleware application assessments

Incident & Brief Response Procedures

We use the results from our vulnerability assessment and penetration tests to identify the weak links in your cybersecurity architecture. We ensure your organization will have a clearly defined response plan to successfully control any intrusion.

Detailed Response Checklist

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your security operations and prioritized recommendations. We educate your organization on best practices to streamline your response process.

Personalized Cybersecurity Plan

We generate a Comprehensive Written Information Security Program that reviews our findings and recommendations for your security program. We compare your initial vulnerability assessment against our observations and industry best practices. Prevent Breach, Inc. provides you with the tools to effectively prevent and detect cyberattacks, and a strategic plan to optimize your security plan.